Perry Cottage, West Felton

Photo of Perry Cottage

Perry Cottage was designed and built by the architect Robert Morris. Robert's design brief was to build a dwelling of 100 sq meters, for £100,000 and the for structure to last 100 years with an annual running costs of £100.

It is a single storey house of timber frame construction with lime render and slate cladding and a stainless steel standing seam roof. Robert hand built the timber frame and did all the construction single handed.

The property features whole house mechanical ventilation with heat recovery, rainwater recycling, passive solar design with wood fired masonry stove as only source of space heating, Solar hot water heating, PVC free cables and plumbing, high quality LED lighting and A+++ appliances throughout with construction using locally and sustainably sourced material with low embodied energy where possible.

The total cost for the construction of the house not including landscaping was approximately £157,000 (including vat).

For further information contact: Robert Morris